10 Benefits to Adding Remarketing to Your Display Advertising

The more the customer looks at a certain ad, the more he or she is likely to show interest in a product. It is even more beneficial if the display advertising used on websites pertains to products or subjects that the customer is already interested in or is looking for. This is why the remarketing tool provided by Google is extremely beneficial. It allows the user to just tag all the pages of the website that you want the customers to see. That way, even if the customer just visits the website or the page once, the ads will be displayed on all the websites that are within the Google Display Network.

There are 10 primary benefits of using this tool:

  1. It improves brand exposure: Suppose a customer is looking for a certain kind of clothing that is being sold on your page. He or she is directed to your website and may visit the relevant page. Then, even if the purchase is not made and the customer moves on to another site, the advertisements of your brands will be displayed on all the pages. This improves the brand exposure significantly and also improves the brand recall.
  2. Targeting of Audience is much better: With the remarketing tool, it is possible to target individuals who have already visited your website. This means that they are interested in the products that you are offering them and are therefore, most likely to generate business for you.
  3. The Returns on Investment are higher: The remarketing tool is available at a much lower cost per click. The rate of conversion with these display ads is also a lot higher which helps you get a faster return on your investment. In some cases, the customer may not click on the ad buy may actually visit the website directly. In that case, the conversion is happening for no cost at all.
  4. The business gets better advertising at nominal costs: With remarketing, your advertising costs can go down quite a bit. The advertisement features on a lot more websites on the Google Display Network. Placing an advert on these websites on your own can be a lot more expensive.
  5. The conversion rates are much higher: The customer who has visited your website is constantly provided with display ads that pertain to the page that he or she visited. This allows better recall value and is most likely to direct the customer back to you for actual sales. With the remarketing tool, a potential lead is constantly looking at your advertisements. So, this is like a virtual follow up that is most likely going to convert into sales.
  6. The keep the customer re-engaged: Unlike other kinds of online ads, with remarketing, you do not have to worry about being “out of sight, out of mind”. Even if the customer only visits your page once, you can control the ads that he or she is going to see on the other websites. If you have content that is engaging and text that is targeted specifically to each page, then the customer will remain engaged with your brand for a longer time. Even several days after they have seen your website, they will be constantly reminded about it.  
  7. It helps promote offers and deals better: As mentioned before, a great option to get your conversions faster is to control the content that you provide to your customer. It is possible to change the content of the display ad for specific pages that the customer visits or for any other on-going offer that you wish to promote. That way clients are constantly reminded of these offers or even any upcoming event that may be relevant to the product or service that he or she is looking for.
  8. Great lead generator: Combined with good SEO, this is one of the best tools available to generate great leads. Now, when any customer looks for a product or service and is redirected to your website, he or she will look at your ads constantly while browsing through the internet. This improves the generation of new leads each time
  9. The ad-relevancy is higher: The ads that you are placing as well as the ad that the customer is looking at become more relevant. While the customer is being provided with ads for products and services that he or she is looking for, your ads will be able to reach the right audience, making it more relevant.
  10. Keeps you connected with the customer: Depending upon the types of ads that you provide and the frequency at which these ads are displayed, it is possible to stay connected with the customers without putting any efforts in actually following up physically or communicating directly at the promotional stage.  

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